I normally ship products via the US Postal Service (USPS), and I charge a flat rate shipping amount on all items individually. It is never my desire to make money on shipping. In cases where actual shipping costs significantly less ($5 or more difference) than you were charged, I will refund a portion of your shipping costs. I find that this is sometimes the case when shipping orders containing multiple products.


Due to the custom nature of Simply Elegant products, I can only accept returns on items that have faulty material or workmanship, and return shipping (shipping back to Simply Elegant) must be at the customer’s expense. All returns must be requested or sent to Simply Elegant One of a Kind Design within one week (7 days) of the delivery date. Items will be thoroughly inspected prior to leaving my studio. Customer satisfaction is important to me. In the event of an overlooked flaw* I will do my best to repair or replace a returned item. I will not charge additional shipping in these cases. Refunds will be given only at the discretion of Simply Elegant One of a Kind Design.

* Because Simply Elegant products are hand-crafted, finished items may have minor flaws or imperfections that do not affect the normal viewing or performance of the product (Examples include slightly frayed edges, small glue marks, discolored backings, etc.). The tolerance for what would be considered a minor flaw will be determined by Simply Elegant One of a Kind Design. I will neither repair nor refund based on minor imperfections.

Errors and Omissions

I strive to make sure my pricing is beneficial both to Simply Elegant and the customer. When a website does much of the thinking for me, there may be a rare occurrence where product pricing or shipping amounts are entered or calculated in error. In such a circumstance, I will contact the customer to let them know that an error has occurred, and I will determine if any additional payment would be necessary to process the order (not applicable to custom orders). If an agreement cannot be met, the price of the item and its associated shipping costs will be refunded in full, and the product will remain in the store’s inventory.

Custom Orders

When a custom order is submitted, I will send a price quote to the customer. This price must be negotiated, and payment must be received [and clear the bank] prior to the commencement of work on a project. Projects will proceed with all received instruction upon price negotiation. Any additions or changes to the project scope thereafter may be turned down or negotiated at the discretion of Simply Elegant One of a Kind Design. It is my goal to keep my customers happy, so I will do my very best to accommodate.